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Υear of Establishment: 2011

Address: Municipality of Samos, Samos, P.C.: 831 00, Greece

Τel.: +30 22730 50166 Fax: +30 22730 24401

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Samosis the closest of the Greek islands to the Turkish coast.

The distance of 1,300 metres separating Europe from Asia has been known since ancient times as “Eptastadios Porthmos” or “Mycale Strait”.

The town of Samos (Vathy) is the administrative centre of the municipality. Karlovasi is the second largest urban centre, hosting the headquarters of the School of Sciences of the University of the Aegean. Pythagorio is the historic municipality of the island, where the foundations of the ancient city of Samos were laid. Its fourth largest town is Marathokampos, at the foot of the imposing mountain Kerkis. A total of 33 large and small villages and many small settlements with a distinct local style expand from the coast of the island to the mainland, which is dominated by two mountain ranges, Karvounis (elevation 1,153 m) and Kerkis (elevation 1,443 m).

Samosis the birthplace of great historical figures of the ancient world:

the philosopher Epicurus, the founder of the heliocentric theory Aristarchos, as well as the great philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.

Contact Person: Mirsini Zavoudaki