MUNICIPALITY OF ATHENS (Department of Cleaning and Recycling)

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Υear of Establishment: 1834

Address: 151, Iera Odos str., Aigaleo, P.C.: 122 41, Greece

Τel.: +30 210 3402405, +30 694 744 7591 Fax: +30 210 3472870

Web Site:


Athens Clean in practice

The Municipal Authority has set as a key priority reducing mixed waste by 2020 and achieving a zero waste Athens by 2030. In this context, the Waste Management department promotes the recycling of packaging through a network of blue bins and actions supporting the segregation at source, such as a pilot scheme for the separate collection of biowaste from public markets. In fact, the collection of biowaste will be further supported by the provision of 4,500 new brown bins extending the present network to restaurants, hotel establishments, the Varvakios Market, supermarkets and grocery stores.

Moreover, already more than 40 vehicles are operating in the 7 District Councils of our city, ensuring the proper operation in alignment to the goals of the Municipal Authority.

The Waste Transfer Station has a capacity to receive up to 140 tons of waste daily, thus minimizing operating costs and enabling the thrice daily collection of waste.

Today, 17 underground waste containers have already been installed in Athens replacing 500 conventional bins from the streets and allowing more available communal spaces.

Finally, we cleaned the tags from the building facades with the use of environmentally friendly materials by collaborating with volunteers, businesses and institutions.

Contact Person: Savvoula Kiriakogkona

(Office of Deputy Mayor for Waste Management)