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Υear of Establishment: 2010

Address: Molaoi Laconia, Molaoi, P.C.: 230 52, Greece

Τel.: +30 27323 60526, +30 27323 60527 Fax: +30 27320 22206

Web Site:


The place, the history, the tradition, the nature, the people welcome you to the Municipality of Monemvasia.

With the consciousness of the richness of our heritage:

Cultural heritage: The spiritual and ideological background of Monemvasia.

“The Perfect City” named it “Roofynosis”, the courtesy of the Byzantine majesty: the Monastery of Monemvasia, the “stone boat” of Yiannis Ritsos, the crossroads of civilizations throughout the centuries.

Natural Heritage and Environment: This place, the little one, the great ,,,,

Nature has generously offered its geological monuments and beauty in this place.

The cave of Kastania, organized and visited, will shock you with its rare decoration.

The fossil forest at Agia Marina, the climbing parks at Kyparissi and Agios Nikolaos Vion, the Larnaca gorge in Molai and the crystal clear beaches.

Local - traditional products: The natural goods of our place

Vineyard cultivation here has its own history. Many small wineries still offer excellent wines at the place that gave birth to “Malvazia Wine” and the traditional sweets and pasta labs continue a gastronomic tradition that is lost in time.

Extra virgin olive oil, citrus, cheese products, fresh fish and seafood, Bastiano onion, pure honey, organic products combined with the region’s gourmet stock make the cuisine a real travel experience.

Contact Person: Kostas Mavromichalis