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Υear of Establishment: 1937

Address: 14, El. Venizelou str., Nea Smyrni, P.C.: 171 21, Greece

Τel.: +30 213 2025937 Fax: +30 213 2025846

Web Site:


The Municipality of Nea Smyrni is an urban municipality with a population of 120,000 inhabitants. It is administratively located in the Southern District of Attica.

The main commercial activities developed within its administrative boundaries are characterized as "mild" and belong to their majority in the tertiary sector (services - dining - trade).

The Municipality has public transport with new anti-pollution technology vehicles, while the tram ensures easy access both to the center of Athens and to the coastal front.

There are already operating 21 recycling programs.

The Municipality, following the EUROPE 2020 strategy, participates in the Integrated Spatial Investment (ΟΧΕ of Athens) with the renovation of 186,000 square meters, using photocatalytic materials, within the framework of Sustainable Urban Mobility. Furthermore, the Restoration of the Loutra area (Ano Nea Smyrni) contributes to the aesthetic and functional unification of open spaces with the means of fixed track and municipal transport of the municipality.

Contact Person: K. Stavropoulos