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Υear of Establishment: 1980

Address: 10, Dimitriou Psatha, Melissia, Αthens, P.C.: 151 27, Greece

Τel.: + 30 210 6136246 Fax: + 30 210 6136246

Web Site:


The Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects (PHALA) represents the profession and the science of Landscape Architecture in Greece. PHALA is the οfficial representative of Greece in the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) and European Federation of Landscape Architects (EFLA).

The Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects (PHALA) was founded in 1980 with the aim of developing and promoting Landscape Architecture as a science and art, protecting and safeguarding the profession of Landscape Architects in Greece and informing the public about Landscape Architecture.

As an association, it addresses both professional and student landscape architects, as well as professionals of related sciences, with the aim to inform and create a network both within Greece and abroad and to establish an interdisciplinary collaboration for the study, development and implementation of landscape projects.

At the same time, it addresses the lay public with the aim of informing and raising awareness on landscape architecture, sustainability and improving the quality of life.

Contact Person: Katerina Gkoltsiou