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Address: 92 - 94, Agnoston Heroes str., Nea Ionia,

Athens, P.C.: 142 31, Greece

Τel.: + 30 2130 238752

Web Site:


The Collective system of Alternative management Excavation, Construction and Demolition Waste SEDPEKAT SA is a non-profit company owned by 93 shareholders acting in earthworks, established in Athens and covers the entire Attica region.

It is certified according to the decision No. 427 / 26-04-2012 of the BoD of the Hellenic Recycling Agency (E.O.AN.) and operates according to JMD 36259/1757 / E103 / 2010 (Official Gazette 1312 B).

The System is responsible to organize the entire waste management chain (collection, transport, recovery) of ECDW on behalf of contracting legal bodies, which are obliged by law to create such systems for the management of the waste generated by their operations and for informing the public administration and ECDW holders about their obligations according to law.

The system enters into contracts with actors in the construction sector for the amount approved by the Ε.Ο.ΑΝ. For recovery operations the system is in contract with two CDW treatment facilities.

Contact Person: Thomas Panos