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Υear of Establishment: 2018
Address: 306, Κifisias ave., P.C.: 152 32, Greece
Τel.: + 30 213 0412533
Web Site: www.e-mc2.gr
e-mail: emc2.portal.info@gmail.com

The first Greek portal for Climate and Energy.
E-mc2 covers everything related to the energy transition revolution in the climate change era, operating on two complementary levels: news reporting and scientific documentation.

On the news front, e-mc2 covers the game changing development in the international as well as the Greek scene, with daily news reports from leading news and scientific sources on climate change. On a daily basis e-mc2 reports the major scientific, financial, political and business news that are targeted to tackle climate change, the greatest threat facing humanity.

Scientifically, e-mc2 has already created a rich data library available to every citizen, journalist, university student, school student, etc. There one can access valid scientifically documented material for education or information purposes, on issues such as clean energy technologies, climate science, international and national policies, programs, research, energy and climate legislation.

Contact Person: Ioannis Tsipouridis