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Υear of Establishment: 2019
Address: 6, Astigos str., Piraeus, P.C.: 135 31, Greece
Τel.: + 30 211 2158812, + 30 211 0130845
Web Site:

Green Energy Operations is providing modern solutions for the reduction of urban waste through the complete construction of submersible bins of the highest quality materials that guarantee reliability. Our focus is aimed at managing and developing new technologies on the basis of market demand. The company began its activity in the import and trading of municipal waste management systems with state-of-the-art waste disposal systems (hydraulic immersive bins) and waste bins of every kind.

The use of our new technologies and products reduces costs related to fueling, vehicle wear, and working hours, avoiding collection of empty and half-empty containers and eliminate excessive environmental footprint with dynamic routing based on reported fill levels. Furthermore, maximizes benefits of Underground Waste System KOR ALI, enables manage of waste more effectively and more efficiently.

Underground Waste System is certified according to the standards that apply to this type of product, it is patented and law protected product. Company provides quality service and maintenance of its product.

Contact Person: Asimina Varela