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Υear of Establishment: 1988
Address: 9, Areos str., Melissia, P.C.: 151 27, Greece
Τel.: + 30 210 6134803 Fax: + 30 210 6136628
Web Site:

The company has successfully supported businesses and industries to comply with the environmental legislation through specialized services and environmental protection projects. Specifically, the company is active in the following sectors:

Design & Build for Environmental Protection Projects
• Wastewater and Stormwater Drainage,
• Wastewater Treatment & Disposal Works,
• Advanced Treatment Technologies (advanced oxidation processes, vacuum evaporation),
• Air Pollution Control Systems.

Laboratory and Pilot Plant Studies
• Wastewater Treatability Tests,
• Biodegradation,
• Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal,
• Assessment of Treatment Technologies.

Environmental Permitting
• Environmental Permits,
• Wastewater Reuse,
• Hazardous Waste Management Permits.

TechniKald consists of a passionate team of a diverse scientific background (engineers, hydro geologists, biologists) and its competitive advantage is its specialty and experience in environmental management of complex industries.

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Contact Person: Apostolos Kaldis