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Υear of Establishment: 1996
Address: 23, Al. Papanastasiou str., Larissa, P.C.: 412 22, Greece
Τel.: + 30 2410 535122 Fax: + 30 2410 530703
Web Site: www.tedraco.com
e-mail: info@tedraco.com

TEDRA, a Greek Group of companies, specializes in design, construction, operation and maintenance of projects, advanced technology management, waste recovery and management of organic and organic – chemical fertilizers.

Since its foundation, TEDRA Group has been involved in the development of many industrial projects, in particular with the construction of metal buildings, warehouses, production units, cooling chambers etc.

The construction of the building also includes all the necessary electrical installations (drainage, water supply, electrical installation, cooling firefighting).
In addition, the technical department of TEDRA Group undertakes the design, the study, the construction and the maintenance of a project.

Furthermore, TEDRA’s Group purpose is to promote the transition to a circular economy model, i.e. environmental waste management in a profitable way for the entrepreneur and with a positive environmental footprint.

TEDRA Group undertakes the entire process of manufacturing aerobic or anaerobic wastewater treatment plant, from fully covering the requirements of a licensing to the operation and maintenance of the plant, by using advanced technologies of VEOLIA Group.

Contact Person: Terry Toliou