Dynamic Presence of construction machinery at the upcoming 4th International Exhibition «Verde.tec – Environmental Technologies»

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The market itself requested it. The construction machinery will prove and enhance its potential at the annual Expo dedicated to the environment. 

The latest trend of construction machinery will showcase itself at the 4th International Exhibition “Verde.tec – Environmental Technologies”, which takes place from the 9th to the 11th of October 2020, at MEC Exhibition Center.

Technoekdotiki / T-Press, with its 30 year know-how and ability to foresee the market’s developments, has responded to the call. Construction machinery could not miss the annual event that honors the environment. 

We live in times where environmental policies to address the Earth’s major issue, the Climate Change, have earned global attention. “Verde.tec” is ready to host companies whose vision is to protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

We live in times where environmental legislation is being updated globally, following tougher norms. New set of rules are being added to restore and ensure environmental protection. Construction machinery can and will play its part.

At the same time, Greece’s return to growth indicates a construction boom with numerous projects underway. Companies that respect the environmental legislation and wish to contribute to the country’s sustainable growth, must play a major part.

Construction machinery will be there and “Verde.tec” promises to promote their role in the best possible way, signaling a big comeback, following a long negative period of time.

The Expo aims at giving to the specific market the opportunity to show its capacity and re-invent itself at the light of a new reality.

The Expo welcomes companies that produce or represent construction machinery that do earthmoving, lifting, digging, drilling, transport, cargo loading, road construction, tunneling, ports, demolition, concrete production, quarrying, recycling, cleaning etc.

The upcoming “Verde.tec 2020”,in Spring will be the meeting point of the pioneers in circular economy, technologies of the environment and smart cities, marking the dynamic comeback of the «giants» in construction machinery.