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Υear of Establishment: 1991

Address: 20, P. Tsaldari str. & 1, D. Gounari str.,

Melissia, P.C.: 151 27, Greece

Τel.: + 30 210 6100043, + 30 210 5613266 Fax: + 30 210 5441260

Web Site: www.chemofluid.gr

e-mail: info@chemofluid.gr

ChemoFluid, was founded in March 1991 and until this present day, has activated in the following areas:

1. Treatment of liquids,

2. Wastewater & sewage treatment,

3. Swimming pools water treatment,

4. Dosing systems,

5. Flow meters,

6. Agitators,

7. Transfer Pumps,

8. Measurements - Liquid parameter settings,

9. Supply of all laboratory equipment,

10. Supply of specialized equipment for the entire spectrum of

Industry and the wider public sector,

11. Automation,

12. Studies for the above objects.

In order to meet all the requirements our company cooperates with well-known foreign Companies.

Reliability is company’s dominant slogan and so has been registered both in the Greek market and abroad, with the result that more and more companies are seeking cooperation with us.

In the 27 years of our presence and with our support team / maintenance this equipment continues to work flawlessly and all our customers continue to show us their absolute confidence with new commands.

Contact Person: Adonis Georgiou