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Υear of Establishment: 1979 / 1997

Address: 99, Great Hill Road, Naugatuck, CT06770, USA /

47, Ethnikis Antistaseos, Daphne Attica,172 37, Greece

Τel.: +1 203 720 4059, +1 800 275 3861 / + 30 210 9718442

Fax: +1 203 720 9302 / + 30 210 9702971

Web Site: www.envipco.com / www.recycling-center.gr

e-mail: info@envipco.com / info@recycling-center.gr

Since the 80’s, the Greek corporation TEXAN leads the recycling sector through the operation and management of the high-tech “Integrated Rewarding Recycling Centers”.

The American corporation ENVIPCO, a certified world leader in manufacturing and development of automated recycling machines, provides the best solutions to citizens that actively participate and contribute to the recycling process while promoting an effective reuse of the planet’s limited resources.

TEXAN & Envipco, together, invest in the environmental protection creating the FIRST manufacturing plant outside U.S.A. of recycling machines (ULTRA - 48 RVMs), making Greece the recycling hub of Europe.

‘’We manufacture recycling machines for the recovery of used plastic, metal and glass containers and at the same time we actively contribute to the circular economy using cutting-edge technology and having vision for a better environment’’.

…because recycling concerns us all!

Contact Person: Mr Gool Santchurn / Mr Apostolos Mourgos