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Υear of Establishment: 2018

Τel.: +30 694 428 8283 (Anastasis Kotsis),

+30 694 937 4193 (Aris Zafiratis)


Greenfield Utility

Creation of a private intermediary recycling network company by collecting novel materials and commercializing them by providing them with interested buyers of various origins in the field of activity and uses. Home focus on low-cost and high added value raw materials from the F&B sector, generating economies of scale for the collection, processing and re-allocation of specific recyclable materials.

As a first step, materials such as coffee residues, cigarette butts, ash, tea bags, food scraps will accumulate. Which recyclable materials will primarily be addressed and resold initially in various industries concerned as a raw material for their production or use through further processing to create their own products.

Gradual widening of the scope of the company in both materials and buyers of different scale and scope of activities [households, enterprises of other sectors, organizations, etc.].

Contact Persons: Anastasis Kotsis, Aris Zafiratis