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Υear of Establishment: 2015

Address: 7, Zalogou str., Athens, P.C.: 106 78, Greece

Τel.: + 30 694 452 0914

Web Site:


RECYCGLOBE is the first Greek company which supplies private or municipal companies activated in collecting and treating waste (liquids and solids) with innovative software and hardware waste management systems.

RECYCGLOBE has developed the first online waste management platform that connects directly raw material providers with waste collectors (Private Companies-Municipalities)

The intelligent fill-level sensor-recycSenseTM can be easily attached to any type of waste bin. The sensor recycSenceTM securely monitors a waste bin’s fill-level and sends real-time quantitative data to the online waste management platform

The RECYCGLOBE tools (online platform and sensor) ensure targeted collection of clean and segregated materials at source, enable not only the estimation of the volume and value of any kind of recyclable material but also the route optimization by generating smart routes for the collector.

RECYCGLOBE is an intelligent waste management system that drastically reduces the operation cost of a recycling company.t system that drastically reduces the operation cost of a recycling company.

Contact Person: Konstantinos Astridis