TOMRA Sorting GmbH

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Υear of Establishment: 1996

Address: Otto-Hahn-Strasse 2 - 6

56218 Muelheim-Kaerlich, Germany

Τel.: +49 2630 9150 461 Fax: +49 2630 9652 101

Web Site:


TOMRA Sorting Recycling is established in almost 80 global markets and offers a broad range of sorting applications to separate a large variety of valuable fractions including plastics, metals and paper from waste.

Our sorting systems recover clean material fractions, delivering significantly higher yields and increased value from the input material. We can develop and implement bespoke recycling solutions for your business.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions is a leading provider of sensor-based sorting systems. With more than 13,000 systems in place across the recycling, food processing and mining industries, we have engineered groundbreaking detection systems, sensor technology and computing solutions.

Contact Person: Juergen Priesters