Who we are


“T-Press” is the dominant source of information for Greece’s vast majority of technical and engineering sectors.
The company publishes seven monthly or bi-monthly magazines and a wide range of independent annual market guides. It also puts together three Exhibitions attracting Greece’s and Europe’s major firms.
“T-Press” also maintains a dynamic and active online activity. Seven individual websites grant access to the printed material while additional news and useful feedback on a wide range of technical issues is posted regularly.
The company was founded in 1991 as “Technoekdotiki” aiming at empowering Greece’s technical community with publications and events. It succeeded in establishing landmark exhibitions based on the publications field material. In addition, “T-Press” covers its clients printed or digital publicity needs and creates corporate profiles.

■ List of magazines and relative websites:
• ΘΕΡΜΟΫΔΡΑΥΛΙΚΟΣ (THERMOYDRAVLIKOS) – www.thermoydravlikos.gr
• ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΛΟΓΟΣ (ELECTROLOGOS) – www.electrologos.gr
• ΜΕΤΑΔΟΣΗ ΙΣΧΥΟΣ (METADOSI ISCHIOS) – www.metadosi-ischios.gr
• LOGISTICS & MANAGEMENT – www.logistics-management.gr
• CAR & TRUCK – www.car-truck.gr
• ECOTEC – www.ecotec.gr
• ΑSCEN.TEC magazine – www.ascen-tec.gr (SPECIAL EDITION)
■ List of exhibitions organized by T-Press:
• ELEC.TEC | Electrical material and lighting – www.elec-tec.gr
• VERDE.TEC | Environment technologies – www.verde-tec.gr
• ASCEN.TEC | Elevator technologies – www.ascen-tec.gr
• ERGO.TEC | Construction Machinery – www.ergo-tec.gr