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The heart of “circular economy” beats at VERDE.TEC for Environmental Technologies

The largest projects in Local Government, the interventions of the Ministry for the Environment & Energy and innovative presentations by the Technical Chamber of Greece

The interactive event being prepared by the Technical Chamber of Greece seeks to create an impression
concerning energy saving methods in buildings. Architects, civil engineers, rural and surveying engineers,
planners will share the opportunity to get updated and exchange views with the TCG distinguished
speakers and officers on the latest technological developments.
The interest of the engineering sector intensifies since, in the context of TCG participation in the 2nd “Verde.

Tec” international exhibition, there will be updates concerning the “Exoikonomo kat’oikon” (Residential savings) progranmme, presentations of interventions in city environmental issues as well as procedures of environmental protection during large construction projects. The TCG chairman, Mr. Yorgos Stasinos, shall be the main speaker at the event, among other significant scientists and personages.

Environmental Awards A parallel special event is being prepared for the delivery of awards to Local Government organizations and agencies in relation to the environment and sustainability. “Technoekdotiki / Τ-Press”, a special publication company, in cooperation with the Central Association of Greek Municipalities and the TCG, has invited interest Public Organisations and Local Government Agencies to submit their proposals for participation in the “Greek Green Awards 2018”. Minister for the Environment and Energy, Mr. Sokratis Famellos, the Chairman of the Central Association of Greek Municipalities, Mr. Yorgos Patoulis, and the TCG Chairman, Mr. Yorgos Stasinos, will hand out the awards. In fact, during the conference programme, KEDE will present the best practices adopted by municipalities in the country as well as problems found in the regulatory framework with related proposals for reform.

The Chairman of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), Mr. Antonis Mavropoulos, and the
Lecturer of the Chemical Engineering School of the Metsovion National Technical University (NTUA), Ms. Maria Loizidou, will make noteworthy interventions, Other agencies

The “Verde.Tec Forum” conference programme also reserves further exclusive items. For the first time, the Panhellenic Association of Environmental Protection Businesses (PASEPPE) will present the European and Greek Environmental Awards and the short list of award-winning businesses. PASEPPE Vice-Chairman, Mr. Antonis Papadakis, is handling the preparation and communication of the event.
At the same time, the Chairman of the Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic

Companies, Mr. Sotiris Kapellos, and the most prestigious speakers from the RES and photovoltaic industry will present new projects, elaborate on issues of Net Metering and refer to the legislative framework that must be established. Speakers participating in the special one-day event being prepared by the Hellenic Recycling Agency will refer to the National Registry of Producers and the Electronic Waste Registry. In fact, the EOAN Chairman, Mr. Dimitris Politopoulos, will publicise through the “Verde.Tec Forum” the most recent statistics concerning recycling in the country.
Finally, “Ecocity” is preparing a special event on development and geothermal applications implemented in the country under care of the agency Vice-Chairman and NTUA Lecturer, Mr. Yannis Koumentakis.
For the first time, news and developments of the conference programme will be covered through continuous postings on social media, the “Verde.Tec” international exhibition website and the leading “Ecotec” magazine.
Until now exhibitors registered include companies with operations in the following sectors:
• Environmental restoration – State-of-the-art technologies & Energy savings.
• Renewable energy sources.
• Building construction and repairs.
• Product and material recycling.
• “Green” Industry, machinery, tools & equipment.
• Logistics Management Services & Technologies.
• Motorised vehicles & machinery.

The exhibition shall be publicized widely, both in-country and abroad, with adverts in print and electronic mass media, TV and radio commercials all around the country and distribution of advertising leaflets, invitations, posters, etc.
The event is supported by Grand Sponsors “AKTOR” and “HELECTOR”, as well as “Aleo” and “ΑΧΑ”
which participate in the exhibition and conference sponsorship programme.
The 2nd “Verde.Tec” international exhibition is targeted to:
• Mayors, deputy mayors, members of municipal councils, Development Consultants of Regional Municipality
Associations, Officials of Regional and Local Government Development.
• Executives, engineers and technicians of LGOs, industry, small industry, large commercial businesses, construction companies, hotels, Transport, Logistics.
• Heads of technical departments of public Organisations and Businesses.
• Architects. _
• Contractors.
• RES investors.
• Planners.
• Representatives and traders from around Greece.
• Foreign company agents.
• Individuals interested in photovoltaic installations, biological clean-ups and water quality systems or energy saving systems for use in own properties

Printed in 24/07/2021
From the web page verde-tec